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The McNulty Law Firm was established in 1983 by Peter J. McNulty.

Since that time, the firm’s mission has been to vigorously represent and aggressively protect the rights of individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries or death, consumers in class actions and high net worth individuals and corporations who require top-tier representation.

Peter Mcnulty Law Firm

Providing Superior and Experienced Legal Help

Experience,Integrity and the Determination to Win.

After a catastrophic injury, you need the best personal injury attorneys working on your case. This is simply not the time to work with an apathetic or unskilled accident lawyer.

McNulty Law was founded to help those in need.

When you choose to work with McNulty Law, you’ll have a team of professionals on your side who’ve successfully recovered more than $450 million for clients over the last 30 years. This is a testimony to our ability to help in some of the most complex cases.

Proven Record Of Success

$450 million in verdicts and settlements over 30 years.*

$9.1 Million

Martinez v. County Doctor

$22 Million

Vasquez v. Dr. Lin

$2.1 million

Estate of E.B. and Estate of L.F. v. Doe Aviation Company

$7.5 million

Florencio P. v. Doe Oil Refinery and Roe Design and Construction Firm, Los Angeles, California


J.E. v. Housing Developer/Window Manufacturer:
$1.9 Million Dollar Settlement/Wrongful Death of 5 year old.

$2.6 Million Dollars

Wrongful death and survival action arising out of an automobile/motorcycle collision between Elisa G. and motorcyclist on October 4, 2007. Plaintiffs contended that defendants were negligent by creating and maintaining a dangerous condition in the intersection of Faculty Avenue and Carson Street in the City of Long Beach, California. This dangerous condition was created by the grossly negligent placement of unneeded construction barricades that obstructed the view of east and west bound traffic to vehicles preparing for and turning onto Faculty Avenue. Unfortunately, Elise G. was severely burned due to the accident and died 30 days later after succumbing to her burn injuries.
Defendants alleged that the sole cause of the accident was the speed of the motorcyclist, which they estimated was in excess of 80 mph, combined with an illegal and unsafe left hand turn by decedent Elise G. Plaintiffs’ counsel invested great time and resources to establish liability on behalf of the defendant contractors and city. The case settled for a combined $2.6 million in June of 2008.

$1.5 million

Gudelia H. v. Doe Warehouse Store/Roe School District

$5.75 million

Billy G. v. Doe: San Fernando, California

$1.0 Million

Estate of G. v. Doe Corporation, San Bernardino, California
$1.0 million dollar (policy limits) settlement for family of decedent who was killed when a coworker turned on a top loading mixer machine while decedent was still inside cleaning it. Plaintiffs alleged that the top loading door should have been equipped with an electric “lock-our which would have prevented the mixer drum from turning when the top door was open.

$1.5 Million Dollars

Estate of 0 v. Roe Corporation
$1.5 million settlement for plaintiffs’ decedent, a married 28 year-old father of twins, was killed while loading wet laundry into the subject machine which had to be spun while loading to evenly distribute the load. Plaintiffs alleged that the machine’s front loading door should have been equipped with an electrical “lock-our device which would prevent the drum from spinning during the loading cycle. Defendant’s manufacturer and supplier/installer, alleged plaintiffs’ decedent was negligent during the loading process by not having another worker help him and that he had wedged a piece of wood into the push button operation control.

Meet Our Attorneys

Peter J. McNulty

Peter J. McNulty

Since 1983, Mr. McNulty has practiced with his own firm. He has offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. His firm specializes in the preparation and trial of catastrophic personal injury actions and complicated commercial actions with a special emphasis in Class Action.

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Brett Rosenthal

Brett Rosenthal

Since joining the McNulty Law Firm in early 2004, Mr. Rosenthal has practiced in the fields of personal injury tort claims, medical malpractice, elder abuse, products liability, class actions, contracts, sexual discrimination and criminal defense.

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Jordan Magazine

Jordan Magazine

Mr. Magazine has an extensive legal background and has experience in the fields of personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, contracts, intellectual property, corporate law, family law, and criminal law.

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