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Elder Abuse

The 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act was created to protect the elderly from mistreatment, abuse, and neglect. This collection of laws defines standards of care for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Nursing Home Reform Act requires that each patient be provided with an individual care plan, nursing and social services, medical and pharmaceutical care, dietary/nutritional services, rehabilitative services, daily hygiene and assistance with all activities of daily living.
The goal of this legislation is to insure that nursing home staff and owners will take extra care to provide a safe environment that will promotes health and well being of elderly residents. When the nursing home staff or managers do not uphold this standard, and their negligence or wrongful actions lead to injury or illness among residents, the nursing home is guilty of nursing home abuse.

For the last 15 years, the McNulty Law Firm has represented victims and their families who suffered from elder abuse and neglect. A recent study reported that 11% of people older than the age of 60 who were intellectually normal, were subject to abuse. The percentage is much high in older adults who have intellectual, physical and emotional impairments. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reports that more than one million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced some type of abuse, neglect or exploitation by caregivers.
Severe cases of physical abuse or neglect come in the form of broken bones, bedsores and paralysis or death. Most victims of elder abuse suffer in silence. For every one case of reported abuse, five additional cases go unreported. Because of this, it is important for caregivers and family members to know the signs of elder abuse. If you suspect that a loved one or somebody that you know has been a victim of elder abuse, contact the McNulty Law Firm at (800) 730-8888.

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