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Verdicts & Settlements

Wrongful Life/Spina Bifida

Amber W. v. Doe Medical Center and Roe Obstetrician: Los Angeles Superior Court
$1.45 million dollar settlement for “wrongful life” brought by 4 year-old child who was born with spina bifida (a neural tube defect of the spinal column) which should have been detected during the California mandated prenatal screening for alpha-fetal protein.

Wrongful Death

Estate of Sam N. v. Doe Emergency Department and Roe Emergency Department: Las Vegas, Nevada
$900,000 settlement for unmarried 47 year-old adult male who “passed out” at work and was brought to Emergency Room for evaluation. While waiting for a C.T. scan of his head, decedent was left on a gurney unattended and suffered en unwitnessed heart attack caused by an underlying ventricular arrhythmia.

E.B.V. v. Doe Surgery Center/Surgeon:

$4.150 Million Dollar Settlement for post tonsillectomy premature discharge resulting in mild brain injury and judgement impairment.

J.O. v. Doe School District:

$3.810 Million Dollar Settlement for high school student who collapsed during a basketball practice; delay in calling paramedics and performing resuscitation; brain damage.

C.D. v Doe Employer:

$600,000 Dollar Settlement for 3 finger amputation/ “punch press” exception to workers compensation exclusive remedy rule.

Dog Bite: Akita: Facial Scars

$675,000 settlement for 11 year-old male who suffered multiple dog bites to face and lip. Plaintiffs alleged defendants Akita was aggressive and had prior incidents of aggression with neighborhood residents. Defendant alleged that the minor had teased the dog and should not have bent down to pat him.

Pedestrian v. Shopping Cart: Severely Fractured Right Ankle

$1.5 million dollar settlement for 82 year-old female shopper struck by line of 17 shopping carts being pushed by special education students who were not being supervised. Shopper’s right ankle was so severely fractured it was virtually amputated. Plaintiffs alleged lack of appropriate supervision and training.

Outboard Wave Runner: Fractured Leg and Scars

Mary P. v. Doe Hotel
$125 million dollar settlement for 32 year-old single female who was run over by inebriated driver of an outboard powered “wave runner” after a “jungle cruise” in Cancun, Mexico. Doe Hotel has arranged the excursion through a local tour operator which provided unlimited beer and tequila shots severe back scars and a fractured right femur. Hotel alleged it was not responsible for the “outside tour operator” or the independent negligence of the uninsured drunk operator.

D.C. v. Doe County:

$1.5 Million Dollar Settlement for leg paresthesia caused by improper surgical technique leading to vein injury and negligent repair.

Vegas Grand Litigation

Claim brought forward in Las Vegas District Court on behalf of 60+ condominium unit purchasers against the developer. The purchasers of the condominium units alleged breach of contract, fraud and deceptive trade practices by defendants who misrepresented and the increased the price of the Vegas Grand condominium project. Plaintiffs and class members contended that reservation agreements should hold and they should be entitled to purchase the condominium unit at the price specified in their agreement. After 3 years of litigation, a confidential settlement was reached in 2008 between the parties.

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