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2007 Automobile/Motorcycle Collision Lorenzo G. v. Roe City, et al.

2007 Automobile/Motorcycle Collision Lorenzo G. v. Roe City, et al.

Wrongful death and survival action arising out of an automobile/motorcycle collision between Elisa G. and motorcyclist on October 4, 2007. Plaintiffs contended that defendants were negligent by creating and maintaining a dangerous condition in the intersection of Faculty Avenue and Carson Street in the City of Long Beach, California. This dangerous condition was created by the grossly negligent placement of unneeded construction barricades that obstructed the view of east and west bound traffic to vehicles preparing for and turning onto Faculty Avenue. Unfortunately, Elise G. was severely burned due to the accident and died 30 days later after succumbing to her burn injuries.
Defendants alleged that the sole cause of the accident was the speed of the motorcyclist, which they estimated was in excess of 80 mph, combined with an illegal and unsafe left hand turn by decedent Elise G. Plaintiffs’ counsel invested great time and resources to establish liability on behalf of the defendant contractors and city. The case settled for a combined $2.6 million in June of 2008.

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