Class Action


Nevada Power/Sierra Pacific Resources:

Our firm along with the Waller Law Group in Nevada and Balch & Bingham in Alabama and Washington, D.C. acted as lead counsel in a variety of suits seeking in excess of $250,000 million dollars from wrongful profiteers who manipulated the energy markets during the national power crisis in 2000/2001. These cases were all resolved on a confidential basis after a successful appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


In re: Lupron (Case No. 322451)

One of three lead counsel in California coordinated litigation/17200 Unfair Business Practice Act brought against Abbott, TAP and Takeda Pharmaceutical for price manipulation and fraud ($1 billion dollar claim).


Hertzberg, et al. V. APP (Case No. 02110664)

$13 billion dollar class action claim brought against largest Asian paper manufacturer in the world. Hired by Board of Directors of APP to be co-lead defense counsel.


China Tire/Orion v. Goodyear (Case No. SA CV 95-0221 DOC (eex)

$1 billion dollar claim for unfair business practices/trade libel/RICO/F.C.P.A. case. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision (99-5369) in favor of largest Chinese Tire manufacturer. Hired by Board of Directors of China Tire and Orion as plaintiffs’ lead counsel.


Vegas Grand Litigation

Claim brought forward in Las Vegas District Court on behalf of 60+ condominium unit purchasers against developer. The purchasers of the condominium units alleged breach of contract, fraud and deceptive trade practices by defendants who misrepresented and the increased the price of the Vegas Grand condominium project. Plaintiffs and class members contended that reservation agreements should hold and they should be entitled to purchase the condominium unit at the price specified in their agreement. After 3 years of litigation, a confidential settlement was reached in 2008 between the parties.


In Re Volkswagen and Audi Warranty Litigation/MDL: 1790 and U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit Case No.: 11-1414

The action was commenced in early 2006. Actions were filed in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey. The matter was transferred and consolidated on 8/29/06 to the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Peter McNulty was one of three attorneys to be named as co-lead class counsel.

The settlement involved 479,763 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Plaintiffs alleged that the 1.8 liter turbo engines installed in Settlement Class Vehicles were prone to the formation of oil sludge and coking deposits even when maintained according to the recommended maintenance intervals and oil quality specifications. The Plaintiffs alleged that the August 2004 (8-year/unlimited mileage) warranty extension was not fairly administered and many sludge claims were wrongfully denied by the Defendants. The Plaintiffs requested that Defendants pay for costs associated with sludge-related engine repair or replacements. In addition, Plaintiffs requested that Defendants inform and educate the class concerning the dangers of using the recommended mineral oil and strongly recommend that the class use only synthetic oil in these vehicles. The relief requested by Plaintiffs has been substantially obtained through the proposed Settlement Agreement. The District Court judge valued the class settlement at $232 million. The case is currently under appeal in the First Circuit Court of Appeals.