Injury & Wrongful Death

Oil Refinery Explosion: Severe Burn Injuries

Florencio P. v. Doe Oil Refinery and Roe Design and Construction Firm, Los Angeles, California

$7.5 million dollar settlement ($6 million to the injured worker; $600,000 to his wife for loss of consortium) and waiver of $900,000 Workers Compensation lien (and waiver of counterclaim for property damages). 38 year-old laborer suffered 3 rd and 4 th degree burns to 70% of his body when he opened a valve on a “hot” drum at the refinery’s coker unit. The resulting fire and explosion caused over $6 million dollars worth of damage. Plaintiff alleged that the 4 drums were not appropriately labeled or locked out. Defendants alleged inattention and countersued for the property damage.


Car v. Pedestrian: Left leg Amputation

Billy G. v. Doe: San Fernando, California

$5.75 million dollar verdict for 17 year-old male who was run over in parking lot by driver who was receiving oral sex at the time of the accident.


Plane Crash: Death of 2 Young Adults

Estate of E.B. and Estate of L.F. v. Doe Aviation Company

$2.1 million dollar settlement for E.B. (19 year-old male) and $1.7 million dollar settlement for L.F. (18 year-old female). Plaintiffs alleged pilot and copilot violated flight rules by attempting a short field landing at night in a snowstorm. Pilots lost control of the aircraft after developing spacial disorientation. All passenger and crew aboard died in the ensuing crash and explosion.


Pedestrian v. Shopping Cart: Severely Fractured Right Ankle

Gudelia H. v. Doe Warehouse Store/Roe School District

$1.5 million dollar settlement for 82 year-old female shopper struck by line of 17 shopping carts being pushed by special education students who were not being supervised. Shopper’s right ankle was so severely fractured it was virtually amputated. Plaintiffs alleged lack of appropriate supervision and training.


Outboard Wave Runner: Fractured Leg and Scars

Mary P. v. Doe Hotel

$1.25 million dollar settlement for 32 year-old single female who was run over by inebriated driver of an outboard powered “wave runner” after a “jungle cruise” in Cancun, Mexico. Doe Hotel has arranged the excursion through a local tour operator which provided unlimited beer and tequila shots to tourists before embarking on the “jungle cruise.” Plaintiff fell off her wave runner and was run over by a drunken driver who was not paying attention. She suffered severe back scars and a fractured right femur. Hotel alleged it was not responsible for the “outside tour operator” or the independent negligence of the uninsured drunk operator.


Dog Bite: Akita: Facial Scars

Nick S. v. Dog Owner: Rancho Palos Verdes, California

$675,000 settlement for 11 year-old male who suffered multiple dog bites to face and lip. Plaintiffs alleged defendant’s Akita was aggressive and had prior incidents of aggression with neighborhood residents. Defendant alleged that the minor had teased the dog and should not have bent down to pat him.